There is no exact time when your furnace filters need to be replaced. But some signs show that replacement should be done as soon as possible. Check out for these warning signs that say it’s time to get new filters for your furnace. You Don’t Feel Well Did you just get a cold or flu? Your dirty air filters should

Did you know that your comfort is closely related to your home’s energy efficiency? According to a Pro Energy Consultant, solving problems on your home’s comfort and high energy bills start with a comprehensive home energy audit. To learn about how energy efficient your home is, you need a reliable energy audit service. Get to know the financial benefits of

Thinking about why your indoor air dries out during winter? Dry skin, irritated nose, and scratchy throat are only a few signs of dry indoor air. As the temperature continues to drop, not only your health is affected but also your comfort. Learn more by reading this post! What Causes Your Indoor Air to Dry In winter, the outdoor air

Do you live with allergy sufferers at home? These chilly months, it is highly possible for allergens to surge and cause inconvenience and discomfort to your family. To ensure your home remains a sanctuary for all family members, here are smart ways to keep air pollutants and allergens from affecting your comfort and health. Invest in Air Purifiers Air purifiers

Winter means cranking up your heating system to get relief from the cold weather. But as we find comfort using a furnace or heater, it also means spending big bucks on your heating bills. No worries! Here’s how to winterize your Lake Charles, LA home while spending less penny on the process. Clean or Change Your Filters If it’s been

Still using a traditional furnace? If you are after getting great savings on energy, using a fireplace would surprise you of countless benefits other than your conventional heater. With a few simple upgrades, you can have it running at top performance this fall. Discover these top three (3) fireplace upgrades that work best for your energy-saving goals. Explore Some Supplements

All heating systems require professional maintenance, and that includes your radiant heater. If you have one at home, it is important to know how its maintenance should go. Fortunately, our experts at T&L Air Conditioning can help you deal with it professionally. Read this post to learn! One of the reasons why most homeowners in Lake Charles, LA prefer a

Are you shopping around for the right heating and cooling contractor in Lake Charles, LA? When you are ready for a system replacement, repair, installation or upgrade, you will surely want a dependable and experienced HVAC company who can do the job right. To help you make a sound choice, here are key questions you should ask prospective contractors for