5 Signs You Need a New Furnace Filter

5 Signs You Need a New Furnace Filter

There is no exact time when your furnace filters need to be replaced. But some signs show that replacement should be done as soon as possible. Check out for these warning signs that say it’s time to get new filters for your furnace.

You Don’t Feel Well

Did you just get a cold or flu? Your dirty air filters should be blamed. After turning on your furnace with old and worn out filters, your indoor can be contaminated with air pollutants, allergens, and viruses that make you sick. Without replacing your filters, your health and comfort might be compromised.

Electric Bills are Rising

Have your bills been cranking up lately? If your energy costs have increased so rapidly, it’s a sure sign that you need to get new filters for your heating system immediately. Check and monitor your monthly energy bills. If there’s a major rise in your consumption, your filthy air furnace filters might be at fault. By getting new filters, you can save up to 15% on your electric bills per month.

A Burning Smell Occupies Your Home

That burning smell from your furnace is the result of an overheating blower motor. When air doesn’t flow properly because of clogged filters, overheating may occur. Restricted airflow often happens with filters that are not cleaned or replaced regularly. Don’t wait for your blower motor to overheat! Replace your filters as early as now.

Cold Spots, Less Heat

Your furnace may take a longer time to heat your home because of dirty, clogged filters. With worn-out filters, your heating system might not be able to heat your space evenly. Hence, leaving you cold spots in various areas of the house. For uniform heating at home, it is important to keep a clean and well-functioning air filters.

Dust is All Over the House

Daily cleaning doesn’t make your Lake Charles, LA house free of dirt and dust. As your filthy air filters continue to operate, dust and allergens will keep on circulating inside your home. No matter how hard you try to eliminate them, they will keep coming back unless you change your filters.

Getting a new filter is one way to secure a healthier and cleaner indoor air. Plus, you are guaranteed of efficient performance of your heating or cooling system. For quality and highly efficient air filters in Lake Charles, LA, contact our specialists at T&L Air Conditioning today!