5 Common Winter Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

5 Common Winter Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

Winter can be harsh to your heat pump. When it is freezing outside, the system might not work well as expected. The cold weather can make your system more vulnerable to mechanical issues that may be out of your control.

If you are experiencing any of the heat pump issues below, do not panic! T&L Air Conditioning has the solution to these problems.

Not Enough Heat

Commonly, heat pumps operate at a sustained level and evenly distribute heat throughout a constrained area or space. However, due to the cold weather, it may be difficult for the heat pump to extract heat from the outside. If you are not receiving sufficient heat from your heat pump, you may use a space heater or other supplemental heating systems while your technician is analyzing the problem on your system.

Constantly Running Heat Pump

This winter, it is possible for cold air to get in your home. When your heat pump keeps on running, make sure to close all windows and doors and keep them well insulated. Check for leaks and replace the weather stripping if necessary. Contact your HVAC contractor for the best solution.

Outdoor Unit is Iced Up

Your heat pump’s condensing unit might be covered in ice the entire cold season. Hence, it might struggle in providing the heat you need indoors. The best resolution to a frozen heat pump is to run its defrost cycle. It turns on automatically once the system detected frost. However, some systems have to be set to defrost manually. The defrost cycle runs around 10 to 15 minutes only.

Blowing Cold Air

Is your heat pump blowing cold air? Don’t worry – there are only a couple of things to do to correct this issue. First, check the thermostat and make sure it is not set to ‘cool.’ Second, inspect the system for refrigerant leaks. Once you noticed leaks or the coolant levels are low, do not delay calling your trusted technician to service your heat pump immediately. There might be an issue with the coolant lines or outdoor compressor.

Draining Issues

Your heat pump needs a proper drainage system to operate properly. Drips and leaks from your system mean there are draining problems that need to be addressed. To prevent drainage issues, ensure your heat pump is placed on a sturdy, flat surface. Change the filters regularly and keep the drain coils dry.

Heat Pump Issues? We Are Here to the Rescue!

If you are experiencing any of these issues, call our specialists at T&L Air Conditioning. We provide fast and reliable heat pump services in Lake Charles, LA. Contact us today!