6 Reasons Why Your A/C’s Outdoor Fan Isn’t Spinning

6 Reasons Why Your A/C’s Outdoor Fan Isn’t Spinning

Your Lake Charles, LA home can become dangerously hot with your A/C’s outdoor fan not spinning. Let’s look at a few reasons for a malfunctioning outdoor fan and ways to solve them.

Common Reasons Your Outdoor Fan Isn’t Spinning

  • Capacitor Issues

The capacitor stores the energy and delivers power to your A/C fan. But, it can go bad over time for various reasons. When it stops working, it will force either the indoor or outdoor fans to spin slowly until it stops spinning especially during extreme outdoor temperatures. Replace a bad capacitor immediately through the help of professionals.

  • Burnt Out Motor

Air conditioners that aren’t properly maintained might burn out especially if they underwent too much stress. If the problem is a bad fan motor, you’ll need a professional repair or a system replacement depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Contactor Problems

The contactor works like an electrical switch in your air conditioner that controls both the condenser fan motor and compressor. When the contactor stops working, your outdoor fan won’t work the way it should. Be sure to contact your trusted air conditioning company in Lake Charles, LA for necessary repairs.

  • A/C Not Receiving Power

There are cases when the outdoor fan doesn’t work due to power issues. If it doesn’t receive sufficient power, it won’t spin. Try checking your circuit breaker then flip the switch back on. If the fan stays at rest, call in our AC repair experts for a solution. 

  • Broken or Loose Belt

For systems with belt-powered fans, the issue could be a loose or broken belt that’s why the fan isn’t spinning properly. This issue can be repaired. However, a system replacement may be advised by your HVAC company depending on the condition of your unit.

  • Faulty Condenser Installation

If the outdoor unit isn’t installed correctly, the fan might not work. Faulty installation affects the power that goes through the electrical wirings that connect every part of the condenser. Make sure yours is professionally installed in the right place.

Your A/C condenser fan is susceptible to failure just like the other components. If it fails, it might stop working which can be big trouble for you and your family this cooling season.

If you need any help in your air conditioning unit, call us at T &L Air Conditioning for expert A/C repair, inspection, and installation. We offer quality and affordable A/C services in Lake Charles, LA that suit your needs.