7 Smart Ways to “Allergy-Proof” Your Home This Winter

7 Smart Ways to "Allergy-Proof" Your Home This Winter

Do you live with allergy sufferers at home? These chilly months, it is highly possible for allergens to surge and cause inconvenience and discomfort to your family. To ensure your home remains a sanctuary for all family members, here are smart ways to keep air pollutants and allergens from affecting your comfort and health.

  1. Invest in Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are designed to trap and eliminate particles that may pollute your indoor air. When looking for air purifiers, choose one with HEPA filters to ensure better performance and efficiency. Place the purifier in most used areas at home like bedroom, living room or kitchen.

  1. Change HVAC Filters Periodically

Has it been a while since you last changed your air filters? Replacing your HVAC filters is crucial in keeping a clean and healthy indoor air. With new filters, airborne allergens can easily be trapped thus, preventing illnesses and other air quality-related issues.

  1. Get Air-Purifying Indoor Plants

Certain types of houseplants like Lady Palm and English Ivy can purify or cleanse the air in your living space. Based on the research by NASA, these indoor plants naturally kill virus and pollutants in the air. Having them at home can help improve the quality of your indoor air.

  1. Purchase a Humidifier

Dry air is one of the common causes of allergy and asthma. To keep allergens in check, experts recommend investing in humidifiers. They can increase your home’s humidity level thus, helping you get the amount of moisture you need especially these cold months.

  1. Change Beddings Regularly

Washing or changing your beddings is not just sanitary but also a wise move to keep your family healthy and comfortable. Keep dust mites, dirt, and other allergens at bay by replacing your beddings periodically.

  1. Vacuum Your Carpets Often

Clean the entire house and vacuum your carpets as often as necessary. Cleaning and vacuuming are extremely important if you live with furry pets. You may use a steam cleaner to keep your floors and carpets sanitized from time to time.

  1. Go for Natural and Organic Cleaners

Achieving a high-quality indoor air is possible without using harsh chemical-based cleaners. Use organic or natural cleaners instead. You may try baking soda or vinegar and other plant-based cleaners that offer beneficial effects both to your health and the environment. 

Save yourselves from the risks of allergens and other air contaminants through these allergy-proofing tips. Contact us at T&L Air Conditioning for more expert tips on how to keep a healthy indoor air for all seasons.