8 Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save Money

8 Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save Money

Winter means cranking up your heating system to get relief from the cold weather. But as we find comfort using a furnace or heater, it also means spending big bucks on your heating bills. No worries! Here’s how to winterize your Lake Charles, LA home while spending less penny on the process.

  1. Clean or Change Your Filters

If it’s been three months since you last changed your filters, then it’s best to do it now. Filthy and clogged filters force your heating system to work harder and longer thus, consuming more energy than normal. Dirt and debris buildup might also cause serious damage to your heating system so make sure to replace your filters as necessary.

  1. Clear Your Vents

See to it that vents are clear from anything that can block the airflow. Keep the furniture, mats, and rugs at a certain distance from your floor vents to allow the heat to circulate freely as it should.

  1. Examine the Ducts

Your duct system should be insulated properly to leave no space for cracks and leaks. Leakage causes the warm air to escape instead of heating your home. Any problem on the ductwork can lead to skyrocketing bills if not solved immediately.

  1. Run Your Ceiling Fans in Reverse

Some ceiling fans come with handy switches that let you change the direction of the blades. Running in clockwise direction forces the heat down and allows the air to move around the house without hurting your pockets.

  1. Turn Down the Thermostat

Another way to save this winter is by regulating the temperature of your thermostat. Invest in a smart or programmable thermostat to make the job easier for you. Doing this helps save up to $180 on your bills annually.

  1. Insulate the Windows

Let your curtains do the work. Open your curtain on daytime to let the heat in and close them at nighttime to keep the warm air indoors.

  1. Draft-Proof Your Home

You want to make sure that your home is properly sealed without leaving space for drafts to come in. Based on a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts account about five to thirty percent of a household’s overall energy consumption.

  1. Pamper Your Heating System

Would you mind giving some care to your heating system? Just like cars, they need periodic check and tune-up to work efficiently especially these cold months. Set up an appointment with your HVAC contractor for a tune-up service today.

Doing a little work can help you save a lot! Keep in mind these eight tips this winter to maintain a comfortable home while keeping your energy expenses at bay. Call us at T&L Air Conditioning for more simple and helpful tips.