Best Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

Best Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

In Lake Charles, LA, a sunroom is a perfect addition to your home especially this spring and summer. Only that, you have to keep it as comfortable and cool as possible.

Check out these cost-effective cooling options you can try for your sunroom.

  • Expand Your A/C’s Vents to Your Sunroom

Extending your air conditioning vents to your sunroom is a twin-fold investment for your home. This also means that you’ll be using the A/C unit for cooling the sunroom. Be sure that your unit can keep up with the task of cooling the extra room.

  • Put In Insulated Windows

Another way to cool this extra space at home is by installing insulated windows. The purpose of insulated windows is to drive out warm air while allowing the cool air to enter. Various types of insulated windows are offered in the market to suit your style and preferences. You may top for tinted windows for higher defense from the rising temperature.

  • Install Blinds

Take control over the warm weather in your sunroom with blinds installed. But, don’t you think they will neglect the purpose of the room? The technique here is to leave them open only for 3  to 4 hours after the sunrise then, keep them close by mid-afternoon or late afternoon.

  • Get Some Portable Fans

It will be worth the penny to buy some portable fans for your sunroom. Not only they are handy but, they are also inexpensive. You would love to have one on the room while enjoying the sunlight.

  • Add an Independent Air Conditioning System

To guarantee the best comfort in the sunroom, you may opt for ductless A/C unit. Although the upfront cost is high, you’ll realize that the investment is worth the price because of its advanced energy efficiency features.

If you are in the market for the best cooling devices and equipment for your sunroom, T&L Air Conditioning and Heating is the place to go! We will help you get the best options to your home and sunroom comfortable throughout the warm season. Call us today!