Fireplace Upgrades for Energy Efficiency in Lake Charles, LA

Fireplace Upgrades for Energy Efficiency in Lake Charles, LA

Still using a traditional furnace? If you are after getting great savings on energy, using a fireplace would surprise you of countless benefits other than your conventional heater. With a few simple upgrades, you can have it running at top performance this fall.

Discover these top three (3) fireplace upgrades that work best for your energy-saving goals.

Explore Some Supplements

Does your existing masonry allow fireplace inserts? If it does, then you are free to make some improvements to the heating system. One way is by using inserts which come in various forms and categories. However, the majority of them are made for pellet, wood and gas fireplaces. These inserts are designed to direct the smoke out of the chimney while keeping the heat inside. You can purchase them in a package with thermostat and several circulation features for proper distribution of air in the entire house.

Make Use of Fuel 

While some home appliances rely on electricity to operate, others like your heating system depend on fuel as a source of energy. But, did you know that using fuel can make a big difference in the efficiency and operating cost of your fireplace?

For wood-burning fireplaces, the type and quality of wood used matters a lot especially when performance and efficiency are concerned. For best results, your firewood must contain 20% moisture or less. Any remaining liquid from the wood will create a greater volume of smoke and warm your home slower than normal. Whether you are using oil, wood, gas or coil in your fireplace, make sure that the warm air is sustained inside the house.

Gas Fireplace Insert

If you want to lower your heating bill while enhancing the look of your home, a gas fireplace insert is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals. It comes in varied sizes from small to large and designs for both traditional and contemporary look. The best thing about gas fireplace inserts is that they are easy and convenient to use. The heat they produce is evenly distributed throughout the house. If used correctly, they can save about 25% of your overall heating bills.

Upgrade your fireplace with these simple ways. If you want more energy saving tips and heating upgrade ideas, call our experts at T&L Air Conditioning. We are more than glad to share amazing thoughts and ideas with you!