How Much Maintenance Do Radiant Heating Systems Require?

How Much Maintenance Do Radiant Heating Systems Require?

All heating systems require professional maintenance, and that includes your radiant heater. If you have one at home, it is important to know how its maintenance should go. Fortunately, our experts at T&L Air Conditioning can help you deal with it professionally. Read this post to learn!

One of the reasons why most homeowners in Lake Charles, LA prefer a radiant heating system is its low maintenance. It does not require that much care and attention unlike other types of heating systems like furnaces and boilers.

Maintaining Your Radiant Heating Systems is Still a Necessity

Just like how your air conditioning and furnace units need regular maintenance, radiant heating systems also require cleaning and proper care. A maintenance program for radiant heaters should include the following:

  • Cleaning

To keep your heating system running at peak efficiency, constant cleaning is necessary. Radiant heating equipment does not have filters neither a duct system to clean. Thus, you don’t have to clean it on a regular basis as much as you do with your furnace.

  • Professional Inspection and Pressure Checks

Another essential part of the maintenance plan is a comprehensive inspection. And, this is not your typical DIY task. Bring in your trusted HVAC contractor with expertise in radiant heating systems. The inspection process involves checking the status of your system and identifying possible issues that may occur in the future.

A radiant heating equipment is a closed system that requires consistent pressure. Low pressure will result in leaks in the pipes and other possible problems such as an increase in utility bills. Depending on the composition of the pipes, a repair or replacement might be needed. If they are made of steel, the solution is a complete replacement. Pipes made of copper have average tolerance on leaks which means they can be repaired easily. For water-based heating systems, leaks must be given attention immediately as it can lead to corrosion.

  • Checking of Pipes and Valves

Make sure to check both valves and pipes when dealing with radiant heating maintenance. These parts usually perform quietly, but when they get louder, it could be a sign of a mechanical or internal issue. Failure on the valves and pipes would require you to replace the system for good.

An expert maintenance plan for your radiant heating system is a great help to improve its performance and efficiency. If you are ready to schedule a maintenance service, call us at T&L Air Conditioning for assistance.