What To Do When Your A/C Doesn’t Turn On

What To Do When Your A/C Doesn't Turn On

You want to make sure that your air conditioning system in Lakes Charles, LA is working at peak performance as summer gets closer. Just as you’re starting to seek comfort and relief from the hot weather, you found out that your A/C won’t turn on.

Check out these simple yet effective things to do when your air conditioning unit fails to operate:

  • Give Your Air Filters Due Care

One of the reasons why your A/C won’t turn is dirty and clogged air filters. Air conditioners have needs of their own, and you’re responsible for keeping up to their needs including cleaning and maintenance. Part of this care is making sure that air filters are regularly cleaned and replaced on time.

By giving your air filter the care it deserves, your A/C won’t have to suffer from any malfunctions this cooling season. For amazing results, be sure to change the filters every 1-3 months.

  • Keep Your Thermostat in Check

If everything seems right with the filters, but your air conditioner still won’t start, then the problem might be on the thermostat. It is imperative to keep your thermostat in check to allow your air conditioning unit to operate on optimal levels. Make sure it gets the power it needs, and the batteries are clean and leveled.

  • Always Check the Power/Breaker Box

Any disruption in the circuit breaker can cause your A/C not to work. If the power leading to your air conditioner is disrupted, the system might turn on and off. Check the breaker box for issues like short circuit and other similar problems.

Talk to a credible air conditioning company in Lake Charles, LA to discuss your problem in detail. If your unit hasn’t been inspected, leave it off to avoid other problems.

  • Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit might be clogged to its core with debris and dirt; that’s why your system isn’t turning on. With dirt accumulated on the unit, the motor fan won’t have enough space to move well. When you’re in doubt of what to do with your condenser unit, it’s best to call in the experts to look at the problem and provide solutions.

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