You want to make sure that your air conditioning system in Lakes Charles, LA is working at peak performance as summer gets closer. Just as you’re starting to seek comfort and relief from the hot weather, you found out that your A/C won’t turn on. Check out these simple yet effective things to do when your air conditioning unit fails

Your Lake Charles, LA home can become dangerously hot with your A/C’s outdoor fan not spinning. Let’s look at a few reasons for a malfunctioning outdoor fan and ways to solve them. Common Reasons Your Outdoor Fan Isn’t Spinning Capacitor Issues The capacitor stores the energy and delivers power to your A/C fan. But, it can go bad over time

Every employer knows that having healthy and productive workers are essential to business.  To keep a healthy workplace, maintaining a well-performing HVAC system is as equally important. Here’s how professionally maintained HVAC equipment helps your employees at work. Well-Performing HVAC Systems Make Physically-Fit Workers Your office’s physical environment has a direct effect on the ability of your workers to work

In Lake Charles, LA, a sunroom is a perfect addition to your home especially this spring and summer. Only that, you have to keep it as comfortable and cool as possible. Check out these cost-effective cooling options you can try for your sunroom. Expand Your A/C’s Vents to Your Sunroom Extending your air conditioning vents to your sunroom is a

Winter can be harsh to your heat pump. When it is freezing outside, the system might not work well as expected. The cold weather can make your system more vulnerable to mechanical issues that may be out of your control. If you are experiencing any of the heat pump issues below, do not panic! T&L Air Conditioning has the solution

If you think you already know everything about heat pumps, you are wrong! Below are some fascinating facts about heat pumps that will surely blow your mind! The first ground source model of heat pumps was invented in the 1940s. Today, we are enjoying the versatility of heat pumps which are considered the widely-used heating systems worldwide. Heat pumps are

Your indoor air gets even worse during winter. With closed doors and windows, your house becomes less ventilated which can lead to very low IAQ. While you’re enjoying the comfort and warmth provided by your heating system, your indoor air quality may be compromised at some point. What can you do to ensure a healthy indoor air quality during the

There is no exact time when your furnace filters need to be replaced. But some signs show that replacement should be done as soon as possible. Check out for these warning signs that say it’s time to get new filters for your furnace. You Don’t Feel Well Did you just get a cold or flu? Your dirty air filters should

Did you know that your comfort is closely related to your home’s energy efficiency? According to a Pro Energy Consultant, solving problems on your home’s comfort and high energy bills start with a comprehensive home energy audit. To learn about how energy efficient your home is, you need a reliable energy audit service. Get to know the financial benefits of